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California Water Management 2014

Increasing environmental consciousness and subsequent stringent regulations are driving the implementation of intelligent water strategies. Innovative water re-use technologies, low-impact disposal methods, streamlined regulatory compliance, supplying alternative industries with recycled water and public education around hydraulic fracturing and water consumption are becoming key issues that light, heavy and conventional operators need to tackle head on.

Covering six basins, hydraulic fracturing, steam generation and waterfloods - the California Water Management Congress 2014: Steam Generation & Hydraulic Fracturing Congress will bring together for the first time, a producer-led congress representative of California's diverse resource base. Designed solely for water management professionals in shale, light and heavy oil companies in the San Joaquin, Los Angeles, Ventura, Sacramento Basins and beyond, the event has been geared toward developing cost-effective strategies for water disposal and treatment for re-use in hydraulic fracturing, steam generation and waterfloods to ensure operators can cost-effectively work within increasingly stringent environmental regulations and around, limited water availability. With the core emphasis on commerciality, this two-day E&P led forum will provide solutions on the following topics:


Day one will start with leading operators in Hydraulic Fracturing, Steam Generation and Waterfloods delivering a case study on how they have economically treated and re-used produced water whilst remaining compliant with environmental regulations. This will then be followed by a water treatment section that will examine the economics of using different water treatment technologies such as reverse osmosis, ionization and will also identify the most effective chemical treatments to reduce scaling. The day will then move on to examine the regulations and optimal treatment processes for produced water re-use in other industries such as agriculture. Finishing the day will be a discussion on sourcing and environmental protection. Speakers will identify innovative sourcing strategies for acquiring large water volumes critical to steam generation and fraccing whilst remaining compliant with latest sourcing regulations.


Day two will see a shift from sourcing and treatments to disposal and regulations. The day will kick off with a discussion on how a leading operator has developed an efficient disposal strategy to minimize costs. It will then be followed with a discussion on the latest regulatory updates pertaining to safe water disposal and discharge as well as outlining the procedure for attaining permits for disposal wells. We will then look at treatment for disposal to identify the most effective and economical treatments for removing chloride and boron as well as looking at the level of treatment required for disposal in evaporation and percolation ponds. Delegates will then be updated on SB4 and AB32 regulations to determine the extent of the impact on regulations and ensure effective compliance from all operators. Ending off with a section for developing strategies to engage communities and eliminate public concern over water contamination, water consumption and induced seismicity from fracs.



Given the scale of investment necessary to economically and responsibly re-use and dispose of water...

...the California Water Management 2014: Steam Generation & Hydraulic Fracturing Congress will allow for the first time, a comprehensive E&P analysis of the commerciality of using different water treatment technologies for re-use in hydraulic fracturing, steam generation and waterflood, as well as treatment for disposal.

Over an intensive two days of E&P case studies, the initiative will bring together light and heavy oil operators, across the San Joaquin, Los Angeles, Ventura and Sacramento Basins to evaluate water recycling programs, find the most effective chemical treatment methods for produced water, strategies for innovative water sourcing and evaluating the most economical disposal options available.

The congress will be taking place in California on January 29-30 and is solely dedicated toward helping companies develop an economic long-term water program whilst complying with increasingly stringent regulations and public pressures.

RE-USE TECHNOLOGIES: Examining the economics of using different water treatment technologies like reverse osmosis and ionization to re-condition water for re-use in fracs, steam generation and waterfloods

DISPOSAL OPTIONS: Evaluating optimal water purification methods for disposal in SWD wells, evaporation and percolation ponds to minimize environmental impact at lowest cost

STREAMLINING PERMITTING: Outlining permitting processes for drilling and operating SWDs to identify opportunities to streamline the process

WATER RE-USE IN AGRICULTURE: Examining treatment processes and regulatory requirements to determine the economic feasibility of treating water for agricultural use

PUBLIC EDUCATION: Developing strategies to engage communities and eliminate public concern over water contamination, water consumption and induced seismicity caused by hydraulic fracturing

LATEST REGULATIONS: Examining the SB4 and AB32 to provide clarity on latest regulations and enable effective compliance from operators


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